多聞院 比治山交番 広島電鉄 比治山下電停 広島市南区比治山町 比治山本町

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Photos: 多聞院 比治山交番 広島電鉄 比治山下電停 広島市南区比治山町 比治山本町

Photos: 千福イップクカフェ 壱福庵 呉海自カレー 掃海艇みやじま ポークカレー まるまるガンス 広島市南区松原町 JR広島駅 広島新幹線名店街 Photos: 鶴見橋 東詰 広島市南区比治山本町

多聞院 広島市南区比治山町7-10
比治山交番 広島市南区比治山本町1-30
広島電鉄 比治山下電停 広島市南区比治山本町
運転状況表示装置 西部警察 PART2 flickr

Tamonin Temple Bell Tower
The Tamonin Temple has been in its current location on Hijiyama Hill since 1604. Surrounded by trees at the foot of the hill and thought to be relatively safe, it was designated as an emergency refuge by the wartime Prefectural Government.
The atomic bomb heavily damaged the main hall and priests' quarters, but the structure did not burn. In the evening of August 6, a "Prefectural Air Defense Headquarters" was established there that served as a relief supply center and distributed rice balls. The next morning (August 7), the Prefectural Air Defense Headquarters relocated to the Higashi Police Station (now, Kanayama-cho).
After the war, the main hall was repaired, but later burned down. Of the A-bombed wooden structures that currently exist, the bell tower was closest to the hypocenter. It has been preserved with its roof and ceiling as they appeared after the bombing. The bell was confiscated by the government, but in 1949 a "Bell of Peace" was manufactured that rings each morning and evening.

The roof of the main hall was badly damaged by the blast. September 18-25, 1945.
Location: 7-10 Hijiyama-cho, Minami-ku
Distance from hypocenter: 1,750 meters
Name at time of bombing: Tamonin Temple Bell Tower
Structure: Wooden
Completed: 1934
Name when completed: Tamonin Temple Bell Tower
Current status: Preserved in same condition as when bombed.

Hiroshima Electric Railway Hijiyama-shita Station
Hijiyama-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima
Hijiyama-shita is a Hiroden station (tram stop) on Hiroden Hijiyama Line, located at the foot of Mt.Hijiyama, in Hijiyama-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima.

The streetcar "Hiroden" is useful and cheap transportation in Hiroshima-city. They have eight routes in Hiroshima-city and only Miyajima line route goes out of city. The history of Hiroden is old and it has ever been the means of transportations for Hiroshima citizens for a hundred year, and the first transportation which started to run just after bombed from Atomic Bomb was Hiroden. Even now two bombed streetcar carriages run in the city.

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